Ugly Duck

Back with another darkly chill mix comes someone we haven't heard from in a while: Ugly Duck. Although being no doubt being busy with other outfits (*coughYDHcough*) this stellar collection of tunes is far from an afterthought and has been on loop in my house all day. Now it's your turn. Quack quack.

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Enjoy, destroy.
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(P.S. - I've also included the first mix too!)

Dubstep is taking over everything.

“I know from more fellow DJs they are blending dubstep into house music now. Seems to be the vibe for 2012″ – Laidback Luke
In a recent interview with Express and Star, Dutch Dance czar Laidback Luke has expressed his foresight for 2012 narrating the trend of House and Dubstep coming together.
“One of the bigger things that seems to be happening now is the definite crossover of Dubstep into house music”, going further to illustrate the point ‘Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote is a good example for this”.
It’s not only the SHM vs Knife Party crossover that has given us the heeby jeebies but the recent topping of the Beatport Dubstep Charts by none other than the cheese-smith David Guetta with his track “Titanium” featuring Australian siren Sia – that was remixed by Cazzette and could be described at best as a halfstep or electro with a half-time breakdown.
What do you think of the blend? A fad or here to stay?
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David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium (Cazzettes Ant Seeking Hamster Mix)

Nigel Richards

This Thursday, We'll be having Nigel Richards do an hour long set for us over at The Boneyard in Atlantic City. As a big fan of tech house I have to say that the last time he came out was probably the most fun I've had at FML since we've started. This guy can pack the dance floor like no other, so make sure you come out! 
2 tracks below and a mix...


Azealia Banks

Here's a track by Azealia Banks, who has been my musical obsession as of late. Other things that Azealia has been named recently include the top of NME's cool list, beating out Pulp's Jarvis Cocker. Cool points for preferring cats over drugs, and saying the c-word while dancing like a weirdo wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater and pigtails. This track amongst others are so good.