Jesse Slayter - Traditional Music EP

Hailing from Louisiana, Jesse Slayter brings us this HUGE 3 track moombahton EP of originals that you wont want to pass up on.

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Exclusive release via The Dankles
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...Jungle Life Dawg...

Astronomar – UNTRAPPED (Via Maddecent)

Astronomar takes on 3 of the biggest Mad Decent Jeffree's trap releases of last year and flip’s them into hyperdrive. Swoop get’s the bmore treatment, Harlem Shakes turns into some crazy baile funk, and Trap $hit 6 is made into a house anthem. Stream all three edits below and visit Astronomars Facebook page to download.

Download Astronomar's Untrapped

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Alex Metric - Rave Weapon [ƱZ Remix]

ƱZ dropped his latest remix last week of Alex Metric's Rave Weapon, which totally reminds me of old school 90's rave mixed with Trap giving it a nice dance-ability and all the while keeping it hood at the same time.

The original by Alex has sampled vocals from Yenson's "My Feeling" retooled and blended in with a mix of retro sounding synth progressions and great percussion. If you like the original you should check out the rest of Alex Metric's Ammunition Pt.2 EP below on his soundcloud...


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 Truth just made their way through the United States on a tour and I got the chance to catch them in Baltimore at the E-Villa with Joe Nice! Definitely worth the trip from South Jersey. Truth is giving out some remixes of their latest ep "Love's Shadow", check them out!

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RotBott's Power lines EP

So I didn't know about this guy until around two months ago when I saw him post his "Everybody on Drugs" song in a group I follow on FB, which is a dope Moombahcore track you should check out, but this post isn't about that, this post is about his Power Lines EP which is so sick. It features 2 of his new Moombahcore tracks and a Trap VIP of Hit 'Em Wit the Choppa! He dropped it like 2-3 days ago on his birthday. This is definitely not something you want to sleep on!

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Shelco Garcia and the Spinning Records Talent Pool.

Hey guys, so I'm always down to help out producers and DJs that I believe can really go somewhere and one of them is Shelco Garcia. He's from Vegas and put out a bunch of tracks with TeenwolfBlwnspkrs!, and a few others along with plenty of originals too!

So anyway, He put his track "Last Day of the World" up in the Spinning Records talent pool contest. All you gotta do is check it out and if you like it go to the link at the bottom and give him a vote!

Vote For Shelco Garcia in the Spinning Records Talent Pool Contest here!